6 Greatest Fun Things To Do With Your Husband

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6 Greatest Fun Things To Do With Your Husband

Written by Susan Watson

Hey darling,

Every now and then you probably think about how great it would be for you and you husband to do fun together.

And you’re right, it would be great. It is also not hard to do at all. You just think that there’s a lot of planning to do. You just need to put little effort in and you can have a fantastic fun day. We are bringing you 6 greatest fun things to do with your husband to choose from. Want to hear how to keep your husband happy?

1. FUN OUTSIDE: You can spend a fantastic fun day with your husband somewhere outside, in the nature. You can go for a walk in the woods, or even in a nearby park if there’s nothing else close to your home. You could rent bicycles and ride outside, or you can simply spend a day walking in the nature, or go horseback riding on the beach. Breathe some fresh air in and spend a day together. I guarantee you that it will be fun.

2. PICNIC: Picnic is always a fun and great thing to do with your husband. Make some sandwiches and grab a blanket and head out. You don’t need to go anywhere to far, a park near your home would do just fine. But if you have a chance, of course go somewhere further. You can make your picnic just the way you like it.

If you’re a sandwich and bottled water kind of people, make it simple. If you are into something more glamorous, don’t think that picnic is not for you. You can make a good meal, maybe some canapés, a nice salmon salad for example, anything you can think of that tastes good cold. Bring a bottle of wine with you and have a wonderful, fun and glamorous picnic. This will keep you and husband happy.

3. IMPORTANT PLACES: This is my favour of 6 greatest fun things to do with your husband. If you want to do something fun with your husband you could try visiting some place that is important for you. Go to a place where you met for example, or to a restaurant you went to on your fist day. Choose a place that brings nice memories to both of you and spend a day remembering those wonderful days. You might even encourage each other to do things you loved when you were younger and that is always good.

4. AMUSEMENT PARK: If you want a real day of fun, visit an amusement park with your husband. Doing this will remind you of all the good and crazy things you’ve done when you were young. Go wild, let loose and enjoy. Ride the biggest roller-coaster, eat cotton candy, do all those things you loved as a kid. This is one of the most interesting of 6 greatest fun things to do with your husband. It is surely something that will make you smile when thinking about it for years and years to come. Don’t let it be just a memory for too long, do this every time you can. Plan a getaway to an amusement park and bring out the child in you. You will have a wonderful time.

5. ZOO: Going to the zoo is always fun, no matter how old you are. You will have a wonderful day walking and seeing all those animals. If you can feed some of them, it will be even better, just make sure you are not violating any of the zoo’s rules, after all you are there for fun not for troubles. Go see the funny monkeys or the amazing tigers. Take nice pictures and have some genuine fun.

6. SOMETHING EXTREME: Now, you need to think about this well. Are you an extreme person? Is your husband willing to try something extreme? If the answer is yes, than you can plan an extreme activity and have some crazy fun with your husband. Go flying in a tandem paragliding, or in a hot air balloon. Go swimming with sharks, or dolphins if sharks are too much for you. Try bungee jumping, or go skydiving. Remember, all of these activities are fun and sure to get your adrenaline levels up, but they could also be dangerous, so do your homework well and choose professionals that will provide you with a safe and fun experience you will remember for the rest of your life. Make sure you bring your camera because you will want to have memories of doing something like this.

There are so many fun things you could do with your husband. Sometimes, it could be fun just staying at home and spending a day together. But, if you want something different, we’ve brought you the ideas. Choose one you like best and plan a fun day with your husband today. Invest in your marriage and keep your husband happy.


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