7 Signs Your Husband Still Loves You

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7 Signs Your Husband Still Loves You

by Mary Robinson 

Hello there,

You used to have a good marriage, full of understanding and love. But… lately your husband seems a bit distant. You don’t talk as much as you used to. He keeps himself busy with work and you are a bit worried if he still loves you?

Here are 7 signs that show your husband still has strong feelings for you.

Every marriage or a long relationship goes through a rough time. Ordinary life, kids, problems with money all affect the relationship between the two persons. A little time is found for exchanging love, sweet talk, significant looks, and all those things that used to brought you two together.  If you wonder if your husband still loves you, pay attention to the following sings.

     1. He Tells You He Loves You All The Time

Men are not like us! They don’t easily say that they love you. So, if your husband tells you “I love you” often, be sure that really does. It’s not the mere 3 words. It‘s the look in his eyes, a light smile and expression on his face that fallows them.

     2. He Is Proud Of You

He keeps phrasing you to his family and friends. Not only he thinks of you as a successful business woman, an excellent cook and a caring wife and mother but he wants others to know about your qualities. Yes, he struts like a pigeon because he has managed to win you over. Do you need more proof than that?

     3. He Supports Your Career Goals

Not many men are truly supportive when it comes to their wives career. Maybe they say so but not many of them stay true to their words. Supportive husband will make the dinner and put the kids to bed when you stay late at work. He will take care of the house while you are on a business trip. He patiently waits for you to finish an important project. If your husband is ready to take some of your responsibilities so you could devote yourself to your career more, be sure that he still loves you.

     4. He Takes Care Of Your Needs

This is maybe the most important of 7 signs your husband still loves you. A husband, who loves, encourages his wife to lead a full life, not to limit herself to a wife and mother role only.  If he is ready to watch the children on Friday night so you could go out with your girlfriends or go the gym, be proud of him!

     5. Every Now And Then He Does Something Romantic

It is nice to know that you still inspire your husband to be as romantic as he was when you were courting.  A funny, romantic SMS. Coming home with a piece of cake or a occasional visit to your favorite restaurant are gestures that inevitably show that you have a husband very much in love with you. A man who is trying to find a way to surprise you is surely a man who wants to keep you.

     6. He Is Attentive To Your Friends And Family

Trying to be on good terms with your family or a friend you know he finds annoying is a gesture of a true men in love. He is charming, attentive and funny on seeing them only to make you happy and proud of him.

     7. He Appreciates Your Opinion

No matter how small is a problem he is facing, he always consult you first. He appreciates your opinions. He asks for your advice when making important decisions and listens carefully when you are talking. A husband who loves his wife includes her in every part of his life.

The list of 7 signs your husband still loves you is not completed yet.

You are the one who should extend it!
You know all the ways your husband shows his affection.

Some don’t talk much, but are always there to hold you when times are difficult. Other buy expensive gifts. Or organize exotic weekends. So, if you didn’t recognize your husband among the above written lines, don’t panic! Make a list and share it with your husband. Then he will know that you still love him.

Keep your head up girl,


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