How to Make Your Husband Completely Crazy About You

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How to Make Your Husband Completely Crazy About You

Written by Susan Watson

Hey girl,

Do you want to know how to make your husband completely CRAZY about you? Do you really want to make your husband INSANE while out is more then 100F? Don’t just sit in the the shade, it’s time for real action! Read these 4 tips and blow his mind off! 

First comes preparation! The best sex is in the water! So, don’t forget a little lube! Water can wash away your natural moisture and cause friction. You can seem frigid! No man likes to see dry woman!

Now, let’s go concrete! Read carefully these 4 tips first and make your husband completely crazy about you!

Insane Sex in The Shower

Be fast, jump before in the shower! Remember NO HAIR on legs, thigh, armpit! If your husband sees you like that, his erection will be destroyed 100%! When he comes into shower – DON’T BE SHY! Let him go completely crazy by watching you!

Then attack! Hug your beloved husband’s left leg, and wrap around his waist! That’s when games begin. Let him put his right hand under your thigh so he can easier enter into you. Kiss passionately!

Leg Up Makes Your Husband Happy

Fill the tub only a few inches and let the shower run. Lie on your side and lean on one arm. Lift the top leg in the air, and let your husband enter in you. Put your foot on his shoulder. His pubic bone will rub your clitoris in this position which will 100% increase the pleasure. Water is splashing on you both. It will awaken the beast in your husband!

Slippery, Wet And Crazy Sex Under Waterfall

This is so easy and it WORKS every time! Men are all visual! Let your husband enjoy your body in a completely NEW WAY! Stand directly under the leaking shower. Let the strong water falls directly at your body!

Lean slightly forward and keep your back straight. Let your husband stand behind and grab your hips as he came into you.

It won’t pass a minute and your husband will grab you like an ancient animal so hard that you’ll have to hold strong to remain the position!

Feel every drop of water that will fall on your butt and back. A great time is guaranteed 100% on how to make your husband completely crazy about your!

Public vs Secret – Guarantee for erection! 

Enter the water (pool or beach) that reaches your chest and face your husband. Straddle him around the hips with both feet. Put your hands on his shoulders.  DON’T BE SHY! TAKE ACTION! Put both of his hands on your ass.  Strongly pull him towards you!

This pose is fantastic because it is discreet enough that you can practice it almost always! This pose always works and makes the devil come out! And nothing will get excited as the fact that you do in public with your husband who wants you so bad that he can’t wait to get home!



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