How to Seduce Your Husband in 5 Easy Steps

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You have a good, steady marriage with a person you’ve always dreamed of. Still, sometimes you would like to shake things a little bit and bring those passionate moments into your life again. If you want your husband to start singing “C’mon baby light my fire” try out some of our suggestions and learn how to seduce your husband in 5 easy steps we recommend you.

Seducing your man should be easier then it seems. Even though your sex life is not as exciting as it used to be, now that you got to know each other well, it should be easy for you to guess what turns him on. But, if you have run out of ideas, here are 5 things that work on every man.

  1. Impress him

 Try and triple-impress your husband: at sofa, a kitchen table and bed. While you are watching a movie or entertaining gussets in your living room, impress him with your witty, clever remark. Surprise him with a homemade exotic dish (don’t forget to add some aphrodisiacs like honey, spices, and walnuts) and when it comes to bedroom… Hmm, give rein to your imagination.

  1. Be flirtatious

 Remember how it used to be when you were single? You knew just how to draw a men’s attention; significant looks, slightly puckered lips, seductive voice were your weapons. It is understandable that now you don’t use these techniques to draw your husband’s attention but if you occasionally flirt the same way you did when you’ve just met, it will show him that you’re still trying to seduce him and will bring back happy memories.

  1. Send a sexy text message

Again something you’ve probably did often when you were dating. Can you remember when was the last lime you’ve called or text your husband for other purpose then asking if he would pick up the children from school or buy groceries on his way from work? Probably not. If you plan a romantic evening, send him a sexy email or text massage, somewhere around a lunch brake. Believe us; he will spend a whole afternoon thinking about it.

  1. Share a fantasy

Have you always craved to be seduced by a mysterious stranger? Why don’t you share your fantasy with your husband and ask him to fulfil it. Likewise, if he is into uniforms, get one and surprise him by wearing it when he gets home. He won’t be able to say no!

  1. Dress up

Sexy lingerie, a garter, high heels! Yea, I agree, it is a cliché, but you can never go wrong with these.  Men are visual beings and seeing woman they love looking like a sex bomb, is like giving a candy to a child. He will get even more excited if you usually wear plain t-shirts and casual wardrobe around the house. Knowing that you’ve dress up just for him is flattering and irresistible.

 If you are still wondering how to seduce your husband, we recommend reading the article How to attract your husband. By following the suggestions from both articles you will not only become an object of your husband’s desire but you will also improve your marriage.

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